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Your Energy Audit is only the beginning.

EcoSmart-Homes-What-We-Do-WorkOur turnkey service model means we serve all of your home comfort and energy improvement needs literally from start to finish. Our outcome-centered process is supported by state-of-the-art equipment, one-on-one expert guidance on every aspect of your upgrade plan, top quality installation and post-install performance monitoring unlike you’ve ever seen before. We can help you get from a leaky home with high energy bills and cold or hot spots to a super-tight home with low energy bills and a consistent, comfortable temperature throughout.
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EcoSmart Homes Audit

We measure & evaluate your home by performing a comprehensive, whole-house energy audit.

One of our customer care managers will call you to discuss your homes’ current comfort, safety, health, and energy use. We’ll schedule a convenient time to have our audit team to come to your home, meet with you, and perform the audit.

On the day of the audit, our team of RESNET or BPI-Certified energy auditors will perform your audit.  Our Home Performance Specialist will spend 2 to 4 hours at your home where they will thoroughly inspect over 20 aspects of the home, using sophisticated equipment specifically designed for home performance evaluations. We will request a copy of your utility bills for the previous year to help assess current demand.

We will also take photographs (including infrared) and room measurements. Before leaving your home, we will schedule a one-hour follow-up “Solutions Meeting.” All of our auditors are licensed and insured.

Sample Home Energy Audit Report

What’s included in your Audit

Here are the tests and support we include with every Home Energy Audit:

  • Insulation inspection of the attic, walls and basement/crawlspaces
  • Infrared camera analysis
  • Air infiltration detection with blower door test
  • Assessment of major appliances and electricity usage
  • Heating and cooling system analysis
  • Combustion appliance safety testing
  • Hot water tank and pipe insulation inspection
  • Air duct inspection for leaks, mold and dirt
  • Review/evaluation of past energy bills
  • Assist with preparing all rebate documents

The primary data we gather will enable us to answer homeowner questions like these and be reflected in the Home Energy Audit Report:

  • How much air your home loses on an hourly basis due to leaks and poor insulation?
  • What is the quality of the air inside your home?
  • What is the status of current insulation values on every exterior wall and the attic?
  • What improvements may need to be made to your crawl space or basement?
  • What is the functional status and life expectancy of your roof and windows?
  • How well is your hot water heater and furnace working?
  • Are there any changes to the exterior of property that need to be made to help home performance?


We generate a “FutureFit” report with comfort and energy efficiency solutions, estimates, and customized financing options.

Your project manager will schedule a one-on-one Solutions Meeting to personally review the audit results and present the “FutureFit” report. This detailed report will specify the audit results along with a comprehensive set of recommendations. Each item will also have a projected cost estimate for the work being recommended. A tailored financial solutions package will help you make the most of rebates and incentives that are available.

This one-of-a-kind report is generated from industry-leading software. It integrates pricing information and prioritizes recommendations based on how the homeowner’s dollars should best be spent to realize the greatest gain in energy efficiency and comfort.

The FutureFit report will show the savings you will realize in energy use and dollars and we’ll be able to show you how your Return on Investment (ROI) can be measured.

Your project manager will also guide you through the complex world of financial incentives and financing mechanisms to help you take full advantage of the many financial rebates and incentives currently available to homeowners.

Our goal during the Solutions Meeting is to arm you with all the information you need to make upgrade decisions that you will feel confident about.

Sample Future Fit/Solutions Report


We schedule and complete the upgrades you select.

EcoSmart-Homes-Americas-Best-OrganicsSkilled ESH employees and ESH-approved sub-contractors go to work to put the agreed upon solutions in place. Everyone on our team has a particular expertise in the green building industry. Workers are trained and integrated into the EcoSmart Homes standards of professionalism, building science expertise, efficient and reliable upgrades, and the highest standards of care for a homeowner’s needs.

Our entire team of ESH employees and sub-contractors are licensed and insured and we guarantee that all work performed will meet or exceed your expectations.

We are committed to our clients having the best customer experience possible. A happy customer is the measure of our ability to deliver on our commitments.



We verify that upgrades are working properly and then create and customize your Performance Care Package.

With ESH Performance Care packages, we follow up the improvements with service checks and analysis to ensure that lasting energy savings are achieved. These packages provide our clients with a one-stop solution for the continuing performance of their home’s comfort and energy systems.

Gone are the days of not knowing whether your upgraded home is performing as expected, especially when it comes to complex systems such as solar panels. We’ll install the monitoring system and then monitor and verify the performance of the upgrades.

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